The Nekyia’s Showgrrrl Sublime is a cosmopolitan cabaret experience featuring the finest in dance, cirque, trapeze, fire, and DJ beats.

Our sexy, elegant performances immerse audiences in the sights and sounds of the global dancefloor at clubs, festivals, corporate, and private events.

The Nekyia is directed by Kristina Canizares with Musical
Director Scott Sterling, aka Drumspyder. 

News from The Nekyia

The Nekyia is thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with St Louis-based TalentPlus Entertainment. TalentPlus will be representing The Nekyia throughout the United States. Look for the full Nekyia show across the country in 2008.

Kristina and The Nekyia featured in Profile of SF’s Burlesque Scene

Want to know more about the world behind the sequins and high heels? Check out this well-written article by SF State journalism student Isabella Gutierrez who spent some time with the city’s top glitter kittens, including the ladies of The Nekyia.

Nekyia Auditions: April in San Francisco

The Nekyia is looking for a few hot grrrls… could that be you? The Nekyia is looking for female dancers/performers to expand their bevy of showgrrrls and accommodate the growing number of requests for their services both locally and nationally. Dancers must be fully trained in at least one of the following: ballet, jazz, belly dance, latin, samba… Preference will be given to dancers with additional skills such as aerial, acrobatics, theater, and fire. All dancers must have previous professional experience, extensive training, and be in very good shape. Strength, flexibility, and a solid understanding of musicality and dance vocabulary are essential. Auditions will be held in April at ODC School in San Francisco.

WARNING! The Nekyia is Dangerously Sexy

The Nekyia’s response to those who have expressed displeasure with our controversial blend of belly dance with jazz and burlesque:


If you are offended by creativity, sensuality, and innovation, The Nekyia will get your panties in a bunch. If you only like belly dance that looks exactly like all the other belly dance out there, there are plenty of great dancers out there for you – go watch them. If you think that women’s bodies should be hidden, and that women expressing their sensuality with pride, power, and freedom is obscene, then close your eyes.

The Nekyia is the new millennium’s answer to two very old controversies: traditionalism versus experimentation in art, and whether or not the liberated woman can choose to be sexy and still retain her dignity and value. Let the controversy rage, as it is the only way to make a change.

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich